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When in Siargao: Island Hopping at Bucas Grande


Of all the places we’ve been in Siargao, this is definitely the best part of my trip.  There were so many activites to do and so many places to visit here in these wonderful group of islands.  If Philippines could be comprised in one place, it would be Bucas Grande Islands or otherwise known as Socorro which is a lone island municipality in Surigao del Norte.

To be honest, our tour to this gorgeous island wasn’t included in the itinerary because this would consume one whole day.  I was kind of hesitant then to go here because I prioritized the three adjacent islands in General Luna namely Naked, Dako and Guyam Islands in our planned journey.

We were scouting for a place where we can enjoy half day because the other half would be spent to the three islands.  We thought of Caob Lagoon due to its excellent reviews and privacy of the place.  However, our tricycle driver insisted that we should go to Bucas Grande because he said the view was so worth it and people said it’s better than in Palawan.  He also added that they can fit it into our hectic schedule. 

Bucas Grande is not cheap when you travel in small groups because an average tour rate to this place is 8000 pesos and we were only three.  Imagine the price of paying 2600 per person which would eat up our target budget of spending only 6000 on this trip.  With luck and kind negotiations, we were able to reduce our tour to only 4000 pesos.

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