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Underwater Wonders At Bucas Grande Island


We were asked to transfer to a smaller outrigger boat, which had brought us inside Sohoton Cove, a half-submerged cove in water with entrance and exit disappearing at high tide. Sharp rocks are at its mouth, so wearing a helmet is compulsory. Sohoton Cove should not be mistaken with Sohoton Cave, as the latter is a vast cave system in Samar while the former is a natural haven in Surigao del Norte.

We entered a hole that could only fit the boat, and from the mouth of Sohoton Cove we saw a wonderful world waiting for us!

There are three attractions inside Sohoton Cove: Horse Foot, Hagukan Cave and Mag-kukuob Cave. Just a few meters from its mouth is the Horse Foot rock formation. Aptly named, it resembles a foot and leg of a horse, as if suspended above water. Our boatman also brought us to Hagukan Cave, a small dome-like cave that is accessible by swimming beneath a rock. Our tour inside Sohoton Cove ended with an adrenalin-packed activity: spelunking and cliff diving at Mag-kukuob Cave!


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