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Unbelievable Beauty of Sohoton Caves and Bucas Grande Island


Sohoton Caves and Bucas Grande Island

Surigao del Note is one province that will bewilder travelers. If you think Siargao island is beautiful wait until you visit Sohoton Caves and Bucas Grande Island which is just south of this surfing spot.

I was actually hesitant to write about the Sohoton Cove because this would mean more tourists to this piece of paradise on earth; more tourists means more trash right? But then again, the secret is out and all I can do is implore the readers to “leave nothing but footprints.” I hope you do this not only here but in every place you visit. i hope this will not be another Boracay.

Anyway, following are my unforgettable experiences that can also serve as a travel guide to everyone planning to visit this tourist destination.


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