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Tons of Adventure in Bucas Grande Islands

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If you think surfing is the only thing you can do in Siargao, think again. Or better yet, continue reading this article. Hehe

Politically speaking, Siargao Island, or more simply known as Siargao, is a group of islands east of Surigao City. Siargao belongs to the province of Surigao del Norte, and 9 of the 20 municipalities of the province can be found in the island.  When someone hears the name of the island, the first thing that comes to mind is surfing. Siargao is dubbed as the surfing capital of the Philippines because of the giant waves crashing into its shores especially during the months of August to November, making it a perfect destination for pro-surfers.

Still unknown to many, there are a lot of other breathtaking sights and experiences in Siargao Island besides surfing. Somewhere southwest of the island, in the town of Socorro, are clusters of beautifully scattered islets called the Bucas Grande Islands.


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