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The Secrets and Tales of Tiktikan Lake


Going up a rough trail with branches for handrails, you’d think that the end of the trail should be worth it.

And it is. The view of the tranquil Tiktikan Lake is worth the trek.

Surrounded by a towering and lush limestone forest, the calm lagoon is a beautiful sight to behold.

The view from the hut — a serene scene of the blue water and green forest — invites you to sit down and take in the fresh air. Your body, mind, and spirit all slip into a relaxation mode.

A paddle banca rests along the lakeshore, inviting you to sit on it, either for some photo op, or some true-blue paddling.


More than the sights, Tiktikan Lake hides some secrets and a tall tale. For one, it’s connected to the sea by underground channels. That’s why swimming in the lake is not advised.

Another thing: the endangered salt water crocodile is believed to roam its waters. (Don’t get too frightened, though. Just be on guard! Haha.)

And the tall tale? A submarine was seen in the lagoon. Is that enough to whet your appetite for Tiktikan?

Tiktikan is also home to a lot of fish and the biggest bangus (milkfish) that I’ve had the chance to eat. Its meat was surprisingly tender despite its size. Coupled with the carbo-rich camote (sweet potato), it satisfied my tummy made hungry by the trek.



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