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The Non-surfer’s Surigao Adventure


Sohoton National Park, Bucas Grande

Bucas Grande is an enchanting discovery and is truly a hidden treasure of the region. The 2 hour boat ride from the Port of Dapa is an adventure in itself, with the same waves attracting the tourists to come to Siargao filling us with fear. But, after the bumpy boat ride, we could already see amazing coral formation from our banca that says something like “welcome to paradise.”

Tourists register at a visitors center. We were a group of four (with friends Pao, Mimay and Third) and we paid Php 1,400.00.

After registering and donning our life vests and hard hats, we changed bancas and went deep inside what seems to be a maze of emerald wonders, with a small cave (Sohoton Cave) serving as our gate or entry point.


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