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THE CARAGA ADVENTURES 6: Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao del Norte


After a very depressing sight, we look forward to experience something positive. Funny is, we were already at the boat that will take us to the neighboring island of Socorro. It was already 4PM, we’re waiting at Hayanggabon Port but the captain of the pump boat was not yet around. We were told by his assistant that he was at the cockpit because it’s fiesta at Claver. So what to do? We asked for his mobile number and called him on my phone! (Hello Kapitan? Asa naman ka? Lampas na alas-kwatro. Ali na.)  Winner! That was just so epic!

When you have these strong women as passengers, don’t delay and better behave. 🙂

And what happened next is another memorable moment for all of us! The bayod (waves) are getting high! The elders were already holding on tight to their seats while we were yelling, laughing. Only to be reprimanded.”Ayaw mo sige kiat ba,” Ate Gie said.

Behaved and thankful to get away from the heartbreaking scene of Claver, we watch the boat ride with the waves. We are crossing part of the Pacific Ocean already and I’m excited for the next day’s activity.  The waves got on some of us. Frightened on the possibility of being stranded on the island, some wanted to end the trip early and go home. This entailed a long and emotional discussion. Thank God, we survived the night with a lengthy discussion on conflicting desires and fears.


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