Most tourists and backpackers I’ve met are familiar with Mindanao’s captivating beauty, however, most are reluctant to explore it because of our island’s reputation. Having spent most of my childhood in Mindanao where my Dad works, I can say that traveling here is not as scary as people purport. As with any other country or city, it’s always best to be on guard and to do your research beforehand. Being friends with locals and LGUs helps as well, you’ll be privy to secret spots, deals, and other tidbits that will make your stay more interesting.

So anyway, I flew to my hometown in Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte which was my jump off point to Socorro, Surigao del Norte. I’ve heard so many good things about Bucas Grande Islands from my cousins — the caves, stingless jellyfishes, the karst formations, etc. While I’ve been to Surigao almost ten times over the last few years, Bucas Grande has remained elusive. I’ve been to Mabua Pebble Beach, Tinuy-an Falls, and Enchanted River which were featured in my old blog

How to get there

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