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Swimmers, jellyfish interact in Sohoton


SOCORRO, Surigao del Norte— From afar, the islands of Bucas Grande look like a cluster of rolling hills rising above blue waters like carefully pruned shrubs.

In between the more than 100 islands are lakes and hidden lagoons, as well as coves and caves, that together form a maze of natural wonders—a one-stop shop of adventure for those visiting the islands.

At Bucas Grande’s Sohoton National Park—a strictly protected area because of its rich biodiversity—guests will be treated to more than just pristine beaches with powdery white sand and crystal clear waters.

When in Sohoton, people do not just take a dip in emerald waters—they swim with the jellyfish.

At the cove is a cave that “snores” and on a cliff is a cave that sparkles. And a spelunking episode ends with a dive into aqua green waters.

As they say, Bucas Grande has it all.


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