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Sohoton Cove National Park Tour – Caves and Lagoons

One of my favorite days while staying on Siargao was our overnight trip to Sohoton Cove National Park in Surigao Del Norte. It is the El Nido of the south!

Sohoton Cove National Park Itinerary

You can do an overnight trip similar to us or you can do just day trip. Either way, your full-day itinerary will be the same you might just miss the sunset or get home very late. Whereas, for us we got to relax during the sunset have some drinks at Sohoton Bay Resort and head back to Siargao in the morning. Once we were in the Sohoton National Park area this was Sohoton Cove Itinerary:

Blue Lagoon (Titikan Lagoon)

Water so blue it reminded me of Kawasan Falls. I don’t understand how something can be so milky blue right next to crystal clear water around the corner. This is really the gem of Surigao and it was the most relaxing part of the Sohoton Cove National Park tour.and equivalent to Kayangan Lake in Coron. We arrived at the Blue Lagoon and took a short tour in a private boat up and down the lagoon. It’s similar to the lagoons in El Nido.

Crystal Cave

Venture deep into this epic cave system. I mean really deep. We walked several hundred meters into the cave with our guide. Watch out for stalagmites and bats. You can also squeeze down a small tube for several hundred meters. It’s so tight that we all came out covered in mud! This is not one for claustrophobes!

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