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Sohoton Cove – Bucas Grande Islands


I was so surprised when we went inside the cave. I remembered , I ducked to avoid the rocks that I thought would hit me. haha … And I did the unthinkable! Forgot to take pictures. lol Until John told me to open my eyes and see. That was such a funny experience.

But going out, I made sure to video our exit of Sohoton Cove. 🙂

The video above was so short, I know. 😦 Sorry…  I was so amazed with the place and enjoyed every bit of it that I forgot to document as much as I can. As a blogger, that’s a big faux pas I guess?  But I thought, it’s ok because everything is imprinted in my brain. You just have to go there to understand where I’m coming from…

I’ll repeat these words over and over again… Amazing, unbelievable, awesome. Those are my description of Bucas Grande Islands. Even John who hates small boats, took his chance. I’m glad he did because I saw how much he enjoyed our visit.


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