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Sohoton Cove and the Mysteries of Bucas Grande Island


Today, we have planned to go to Sohoton Cove, Socorro, Bucas Grande Island. It is 2 hours away from Siargao Island so we hired a double engine boat that can cover the long distance and withstand moderate waves.

Bucas Grande is a less popular island compared to the other major islands of Surigao namely, Dinagat Island and Siargao Island. I have not seen much pictures of it from the internet so I did not have a clear image of what to expect. Little did I know that it turned out to be one of my favorite places here in the province of Surigao.

Feeling small amidst a chessboard of green cliffs

We left the resort at 9:30am. On the way, we were again able to see Guyam, Dako, and Naked Islands. Within an hour’s time, we have seemed to approach a large island that did not have sandy shores. Instead, it had sprawling rocky cliffs with heavy vegetation. For another hour, we were maneuvering around small green cliffs that must have sprung out of the sea from nowhere. There were lots of them! I was feeling smaller and smaller… like Honey-I-shrank-the-kids and I was on a chessboard amidst green cliffs (or my imaginary pawns). I felt smaller but, at the same time, I was feeling more peaceful inside — stunned in awe of the beauty that surround me.


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