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Sohoton Cove and Non-sting Jellyfish at Bucas Grande Island

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Clear and crystal sea, interesting caves, swimming with jellyfish, beautiful islands, caring people, lots of adventure and much more are what Bucas Grande Surigao Del Norte can offer that is why we took the chance to visit this place when we had our long weekend last week.

Saturday night around 8:30 pm, we rode a bus from Davao City Ecoland Bus Terminal bound to Pasay Cubao. It was a long 8 hours night trip and we arrived in Surigao Bus Terminal at 5;30 am, after our quick breakfast we rode a van going to Hayanggabon Port for almost 2 hours. When we reached the port we looked for a boat that would tour us around for an island hopping. We paid Php 3500 for the boat which can cater 4-8 persons.

Our first destination was the Crystal and Bolitas Cave. Crystal Cave is an open-ended cave and its big pathway and chamber would make the trek easy for first timer like me but for Bolitas Cave it has a very narrow passage that can only fit one person at a time and in order to go inside you have to crawl or glide.


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