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Siargao’s Enchanting Bucas Grande Sohoton Cave


After the surfing lessons we’ve prepared for our next adventure. This time we’ll be exploring the Enchanting Sohoton Cave!

Luckily we’ve meet new friends in Ocean 101 – Jay R, Michael and their African friend Jin. If not for them we probably won’t afford the P4,000 price of the boat ride going to Sohoton. Thank you Lord

How to go to Sohoton?

You actually have two options:

  • Option A: Hire a Boat from General Luna to Sohoton

Boat price P4000

Probably the easiest and convenient way, but the cost is high. Better if you are 5 or more so you could divide it. The journey will take around 2-2.5 hours. (This is the one we took)


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