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Location: Bucas Grande Island, Siargao Island Group
Province: Surigao del Norte, Philippines

As my trip to Siargao Island concluded, I realized that there’s a lot of things to see and do in Bucas Grande Island than in Siargao Island just to see the famous Cloud 9 Surfing Paradise. In Bucas Grande, you can find the Sohoton Ecopark with the Jellyfish Sanctuary and the other jewels of the island are: Club Tara Resort, Hidden Island Resort, Bubon Islets and many other nameless white beaches. For me, a visit to the fishing village of Barangay Bay-ang is plus factor. Bucas Grande is one of the 48 islands of Siargao Islands group. It belongs to the municipality of Socorro, one of the six municipalities of Siargao Islands grou

Going to Socorro Port from Sohoton National Ecopark, one will pass thru a state-of-the-art resort in the name of Club Tara Resort which offers every luxury a guest would wish to have.

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