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Let’s go Sohoton Cove (BUCAS GRANDE tour)


One of the most beautiful spots in Mindanao is in Surigao City, it is surrounded by the beautiful and rich lagoon, ocean and falls. The journey for example in Bucas Grande, Sohoton Cave,  is not limited to Sohoton Cove; other islands are also open for exploration, such as Cinnamon Island, which is draped by cinnamon trees.

 With its lushly vegetated tropical rock islands, crystal clear waters, caves, lakes and school of non-stinging jellyfishes, I certainly agree to those who say that this destination is a must-see in Surigao Del Norte. One can expect to be surrounded with sublime scenery during island hopping. I would, however, like to set proper expectations by saying that while there are a few beaches in Bucas Grande, they’re small and not as stunning as those beaches found in Palawan, Caramoan, Boracay and Siargao. This shouldn’t stop you from visiting Bucas Grande islands and Sohoton Cove though, because this destination certainly has its unique charm and the scenery is really spectacular.


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