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Hit the Road – The Lakwatsero Chronicles


A journey begins with one small step without trepidation. Armed with the desire to take on a new adventure, inexperience is blocked with enthusiasm for exploration. Every step guided with a glittering path towards a resplendent break. This is what expedition is all about. What defines traveling is the thirst for exciting activity be it food sampling, trekking, culture adaptation or simply rest and recreation. This is what I aim for to impart to people who shares the same aspirations.

Sohoton Cove National Park – Adrenaline Junkie Paradise!

We actually didn’t plan anything in advance, we just knew we’d celebrate life in a spontaneous way by defying the laws of nature – Low Pressure that is!

It was already raining when we left Cebu for Surigao, so we were hesitant to continue with our Sohoton trip. This however did not stop our itchy feet.

Generally, it is best to visit Bucas Grande Islands during Summer but for people who are always on the go like us, there’s no better day than the present day to travel.

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