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Exploring CARAGA Region: Island Hopping in Bucas Grande


I’d say this trip was the most spontaneous trip I’ve ever had. Most of my trips have detailed itinerary and expenses prior to going to a destination. This was totally different, I did not do any research or care about the itinerary, what I want was just to go with the flow with people I barely know. Yes, I traveled with people I never met yet. They were kinda strangers to me. I never talked to them prior to the trip except one, Jefferson, whom I have been talking online for the past year and Anne who I had a chance to talk with days before the trip to know what to expect. I was hesitant at first because as I said I don’t know their personality and the fact that they already knew each other gave me a little worry that I might not be able to get along with them. I was wrong, after I met them at our rendezvous, I immediately felt the warm welcome. I knew right there I will have fun with them.

Meeting at Hayanggabon Port

I left Davao at around 2AM on June 12, 2014. I was already at the terminal at around 11:30PM but the last last trip to Tandag City has already departed so I just had to cut trips. Instead of taking the non-air Bachelor bus to Butuan, I decided to wait for the airconditioned Philtranco bus which was supposed to leave at 1AM but for some reasons departed an hour later. I arrived at San Francisco Bus Terminal at around 6AM and waited for a bus or van going to Tandag. After about an hour of waiting, a van going to Tandag has arrived at the terminal. I left San Franz at past 7AM and arrived in Tandag City at around 10AM. Luckily, the bus going to Surigao City was already at the terminal and was scheduled to depart 10:30AM so I took a quick breakfast at the terminal and then hopped on the bus. The bus had so many stops to drop and pick up passengers so the travel time was longer than expected. It also stopped for lunch somewhere in the town of Carrascal so I was a little worried about my arrival in Hayanggabon. It will be the first time I am going to meet my travel buddies and I don’t want to give them a bad impression about me by arriving late. When I met them, I was feeling sorry, I had to let them wait for me but there’s really nothing I can do. I think they understand the fact that I traveled about 14 hours before arriving at the meeting place.



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