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Exploring Bucas Grande Islands, Sohoton Cove

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It was a clear morning when we left Revlun Pensionne to start our Bucas Grande tour. The sun was just about to shine as we rode a trike going to Hayanggabon Port, the jumpoff point to Bucas Grande Islands. Along the way, the sun was slowly peeking out from the mountains, a good indication that we’d enjoy a bright and sunny Sunday in Bucas Grande.

It took about 20 minutes to get to Hayanggabon, passing through some quiet barangays of Claver and Taganito Mining Corporation, one of the mining firms operating in the municipality. Evidence of nickel mining can be seen on the bald mountains and the reddish dust covering the provincial road. I saw a lot of signages made by residents, posted on tree trunks, stating their support for responsible mining. This is the first time I’ve encountered a mining community, and it’s interesting to note how it changes the environment as well as the lives of people in positive and negative ways.


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