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Exploring Bucas Grande Island, Surigao Del Norte


ucas Grande Island is located on the far eastern part of the province of Socorro, Surigao del Norte. It is a lone island municipality in the entire province. To get there, our starting point is at Butuan City by a private car. For about 3 hours we reached to the port of Hanyanggabon. We then hired a private boat to the resort where we have reserved. The ‘bangkeros’ arranged a payment of 4,500 pesos including island hopping and back-and-forth transportation from the port to the resort. The Resort we stayed is posted below. 🙂

For half an hour, we arrived at the resort. We then put our bags in our room and change quickly to our adventure clothes then rushed back to our boat to start our escapade. OUR ADVENTURE BEGINS!!!! The places we visited are listed below. Go check them out now!!

These beauty of nature makes you think “Is this Bucas Grande Islands or Hundred Islands?” because of  the left and right islands view you can see. These are the pictures I’ve taken.


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