Enchanting Bucas Grande Island


It has been a very long time since adri and i had been on a (mostly) non-birding trip and i was so excited to be exploring the beaches of surigao. the plan was to go to popular siargao island via cebu and use the island as jump off to the lesser known bucas grande island.

Our flight to cebu was very early (i.e. cheaper), so we had a long wait at the mactan airport for our flight to siargao island after lunch.  when we finally got to check in at noon, and as we were enjoying our zubuchon lunch, we heard the bad news over the sound system: our flight had been cancelled! we stared at each other in disbelief.  as we were lining up (again) to reclaim our baggage, we searched the net for alternative options. (1) stay in cebu city and lose a whole day and take the same flight out the next day or (2) catch the ferry to surigao city (there were no more flights to surigao from cebu in the afternoon) from the cebu port, find our way to bucas grande island and lose a half day. what the hey, sometimes plans change, and even the most careful and detailed preps have to be trashed.

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