Discovering Surigao & the beauty of Tumi Beach Resort on Bucas Grande Island!


Surigao del Norte is a province I heard quite a lot about. Friends would tell me often that you think first of Siargao island in that region as the most beautiful as it is heavily advertised in media, but it is a far cry from the natural beauty of the Sohoton Caves and the Bucas Grande Island! After having spent three days there, I am still at awe at its truth.

Background info:

Bucas Grande Island is popularly known as Socorro. It is a lone island municipality in the province. It has a total land area of 12,445 hectares holds a count of more or less 20,000 inhabitants. These inhabitants have settled in 14 barangays of the municipality namely: Barangays Don Albino Taruc, Navarro, Rizal, Del Pilar, Dona Helene, Honrado, Nueva Estrella, Pamosaingan, Salog, San Roque, Sudlon, Santa Cruz, Songkoy and N. Sering.

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