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Crystal Cave and Bolitas Cave: Into the Strange, Deep Bowels of Bucas Grande


Caves are some of the most amazing natural wonders on Earth; they are worlds within the world! Inside each cave is a rich and delicate ecosystem that rivals the underwater world in mystery. Inside each cave are rock formations so beautiful and bizarre that they almost defy logic and fire up one’s imagination. In this strange, dark, and potentially dangerous realm are snaking passages, immense cathedrals, never-ending abysses, rushing rivers, and other natural marvels that are rarely seen by mankind.

And we consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to explore two unique worlds-within-the-world in Sohoton Bay, Bucas Grande

It was still high tide, and Sir Vincent said that we have to wait it out for a few hours for the tide to subside so we can enter Sohoton Cove. So, we passed the time by exploring some natural wonders around Sohoton Bay.

We headed to this small, clean nook in one of the islands in the bay. The hut on the shore seemed empty, but after a while, the caretaker emerged from the structure. Our noise probably woke him up. Hehehe!

We paid a small entrance fee and got a couple of flashlights.



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