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Bucas Grande: Lagoon, Lake, and Caves


Our sole purpose of going to Bucas Grande Island was to see Sohoton Cove and its neighboring lake and caves.

The first stop of our tour was Sohoton Cove. It was almost noon on a Saturday when we got to the Sohoton Cove Visitor’s Center to register and pay some fees:

There were already about half a dozen groups and we had to wait our turn for the tour. Pumpboats have to wait at the Visitor’s Center and guests have to transfer to a smaller pumpboat for the tour. Only small pumpboats can get into the cove because the entrance to it is through a low–ceilinged cave. Sohot is a Visayan word meaning to pass through a small opening, thus Sohoton Cove.

The tour visits two caves: Hagukan Cave and Magkukuob Cave. Guests are encouraged to swim inside Hagukan Cave. For those who don’t know how to swim, lifevests can be rented at the Visitor’s Center or trust your guide to lead you into the cave. Hagukan Cave is named for the snoring sound the water makes when it hits the opening during high tide. Haguk is Visayan for snore. One would expect the inside of the cave to be pitch black, but it actually isn’t. Too bad I didn’t have a waterproof camera to take photos of the inside of the cave.


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