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Bucas Grande Islands: Island, Caves, Lakes & The Jellyfish


The day started early. We were up and awake at 6:00am. Breakfast was served at 6:30. A feast
With our tummies filled, we were ready to conquer Bucas Grande. Clear waters greeted us.

Tiktikan lake. Dogs. And a pair of Pawikan is in those nets.

The two-storey cottage has a dive pad. Try to dive. I was only able to to the first level. My knees shook at the height. No thanks, So hanggang peace sign na lang. Tweetums shot.
It was a short trek up to the lake. There was a kubo where you can take view shots.

A short boat ride brought us to Crystal Cave. We already saw some small jellyfish when our boat docked. Kuya Jimby said that there will be more of those in the Jellyfish Sanctuary. Excited!


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