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Bucas Grande Island, Philippines


Bucas Grande Island is known for its crystalline lakes, underwater caves, and stingless jellyfishes. It is the least touristy island I have ever been to, and to get there takes about a two hour van ride to the port from the airport, and then about 30 minutes boat ride to the island. While there are other resorts to stay at in the area, please note that the experiences I will be sharing here are all about our stay on the private island cove.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have your own private island beach? I’m a lucky wife because for our anniversary, my husband booked us a private island cove at my father’s hometown, Surigao. If you are the nature-loving quiet type who enjoys the quiet serenity of being really far from the city (and with this, I really mean too remote you can’t leave because you really are on an island), then, Bucas Grande is perfect for you.


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