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Bucas Grande Group Of Islands, Surigao Del Norte


In July 2011, my husband (then my boyfriend) and I discovered this beautiful secret in the island of Mindanao, and couldn’t stop talking about it since. It’s often called Sohoton Cove or Bucas Grande Group of Islands, or simply to us, Surigao Del Norte’s Paradise.

I’m not kidding. If you’re a nature lover, you will definitely love this place. Tucked away in islets with boats as the only means of transportation, you cannot expect carinderias or restaurants here. It’s secluded that way, which, well, makes food in the islands a little heavy on the pocket, but still worth the visit! The same goes for your transportation to the resort. The best way to go around it is to also bring some snacks for yourself, and other things that you might need like medicines, sanitary napkins, etc.

It became a bit popular when deal sites started advertising it, but relatively, you still have paradise all by yourself.

The full day tour includes a trip to beaches, lakes, lagoons, caves, islets, and snorkeling sites (bring your own gear)! At the end of the day, you can watch the sun as it sets from a tower with no obstructive view. If you come while the stingless jellyfish are in season (said to be from July to September, but you know how global warming can change things a bit! we went on a July and they were many!), then you’ll see hundreds of them from your boat. They used to allow people to swim with the jellies, unfortunately, this is now impossible because jellies apparently die from sunblock and other human-related activities. You can still watch them from the boat! Yes, it’s not only Palau who has stingless jellies! We have it here, and even in Cantilan, too, where we’re offering THIS TOUR.


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