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Located somewhere around the town of Socorro within the province of Surigao Del Norte where the Bucas Grande Islands are home to, this group of islands is also known by its other name, the Sohoton Cove National Park.

What to see in Bucas Grande/ Sohoton Cove?

Bucas Grande may not be as big nor as glamorous as seen in other parts of the country as some may claim, there is a quaint charm about the place especially for one that is not yet fully charted even to this day.

What makes Bucas Grande special probably lies in its numerous caves—a good portion of which are still yet to be discovered—its water falls, the inland lakes, mangroves, iron woods, and many fishing grounds, even the underwater life that is only visible through snorkeling like the stingless jellyfishes which are great to be around with.

Yet most interesting of all the places is the Blue Lagoon and the Sohoton Cove, mysterious places within Bucas Grande whose only means of getting into is during low tide season for its vanishing entrance and yet something that may confuse you of its maze-like natural design once there.


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