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Bewitching Bucas Grande and Exciting Siargao: A Teaser for a Journey of Cleansing


Stress causes health problems, affects mental fitness, rips families apart, changes attitudes, and even kills. Yet, in today’s modern, high-tech, and so-called civilized world, high levels of stress are prevalent. We take stress for granted and consider it as a normal effect of social changes and even necessary for success. What scares us most is knowing how stress can have a devastating effect on both the physical body and the psyche of a person.

Traveling to exciting destinations and undertaking adrenaline-pumping adventures have always been our balm against stress. That’s why we always strive to look for adventures every weekend or undertake multiday trips whenever we can. Our sojourns keep us sane from the stress of working the same tasks day in and day out in claustrophobic workstations, racing against deadlines, and being reprimanded mercilessly by superiors.

Even before fireworks signaled the start of 2014, Sweetie and I realized that we need to have a long, real vacation—one that can truly melt all the stresses accumulated for many years of working in the corporate world. Personally, I needed some time to thoroughly cleanse myself of worries from an impending resignation and look for a new perspective in life. Additionally, this rejuvenating trip is also our very own way of celebrating Sweetie Sheila’s birthday. Happy birthday, Sweetie!

We already knew that our latest Puerto Princesa and El Nido trip is going to be awesome. However, we felt that the trip will be too touristy for our taste. Thus, for a few months, Sweetie and I meticulously planned a 5-day trip in two beautiful destinations—Siargao, the surfing capital of the Philippines, and Bucas Grande, the alluring island of virgin secrets.



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