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A Day in Bucas Grande: Sohoton Cove and the Stingless Jellyfish


Our trip to the province of Surigao Del Norte had so much surprise. One is knowing about the island of Siargao as a destination not only for surfing but a place with marvellous islands and beaches. Then, learning about another island in the province named as Bucas Grande that has scenic view of beautiful lagoons handed us another astonishment. What more surprising about this island is it offers a unique adventure that can’t be experience anywhere else in the country, a close encounter with stingless jellyfish.

The island of Bucas Grande is situated on the far eastern part of the province of Surigao del Norte. The place is also known as the municipality of Socorro. It was our last day in the island of Siargao when my buddy and I went for a day of adventure in Bucas Grande. The island is far from where Siargao is. Sea travel may take about 3 hours. The fastest and most convenient way to reach it is coming from either Surigao City or Hayanggabon port. But despite of the longer period that we had to reach the island, it didn’t prevent us to visit it. We were firm with our desire to see the stingless jellyfish and explore the beauty of Sohoton Cove.

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